The COVID-19 Ventilator Open Source Project

Covid-19 Ventilator, Inc. announces a working prototype of an Emergency Ventilator design that provides a fully functional control interface.




Columbus, OH – Recently founded Covid-19 Ventilator, Inc. is excited to announce a functional prototype of an Emergency Ventilator using readily available materials that performs like traditional ventilators.  With production costs at approximately $1,000 per unit, this unit can revolutionize the US and global response to the current COVID-19 crisis.


As co-founder Tarik Yousef discovered, the statistics are alarming. “In the coming months, projections suggest the US could have a shortfall of over 800,000 ventilators. The US is projected to need over 1 million ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients but only has around 160,000 ventilators nationwide. Currently, US manufacturers produce just 14,000 ventilators per year and some ventilator manufacturers are ramping up production by 40%, so in a year they can produce 20,000 ventilators.  There is simply no way for current manufacturers to even put a small dent in the number of ventilators required,” according to Yousef.


Covid-19 Ventilator, Inc. is rapidly building a partner network to secure manufacturing and production materials, processes, and facility space for the various components.  With high precision sensors to ensure patient safety and provide real time data and a computer learning algorithm that detects changes and adjusts in real time, this Emergency Ventilator has comparable functionality to more sophisticated models.  Partnering with medical professionals, Yousef has developed a product that he says is, “one of the only emergency ventilators being developed with a proper control interface, allowing medical professionals full access to volume, pressure settings, and data monitoring, similar to traditional ventilators.”


About Covid-19 Ventilator, Inc.: Covid-19 Ventilator, Inc was founded to support the design and prototype of a low-cost, easy-to-produce Emergency Ventilator that meets all required medical standards and can be moved into mass production rapidly and coordinate the people, materials, production, and distribution processes required to get Ventilators to frontline healthcare facilities.  The organization is currently pending approval for 501(c)(3) status.


The Covid-19 Ventilator Project is currently operating as a 501(c)(3) awaiting approval of our application. You can review our corporate Bylaws HERE